Bringing Sustainability Into the Mix

Hauschild SpeedMixer® Is Leading the Way in Sustainable Mixing. Here’s How. For nearly 50 years, DAC (Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal) mixers have been revolutionizing lab mixing practices with a far-reaching impact — including within the realm of sustainability. Thanks to a game-changing design, DAC mixers are inherently sustainable, allowing for a reduction in material waste, cleaning […]

From SpeedMixing to SmartMixing: How SMART DAC Mixers Are Revolutionizing Manufacturing

From smartphones to smart homes, smart devices have changed our daily lives. In the manufacturing sector, smart machines using automation and Ai are revolutionizing how products are conceived, tested, produced and brought to market. In the world of industrial mixing, however, the term “smart” has typically been reserved for only the largest and most complex […]

How to Scale Up Faster with a Hauschild SpeedMixer® DAC Mixer

The goal of most small-scale labs is to develop a product worth manufacturing on a larger scale. To accomplish this, labs typically follow the conventional wisdom that says the shortest path to large scale manufacturing is to transition from a mini version of the production equipment into the full-size version. While this may be the […]

SpeedDisk With LeverPress: Innovation is Making Life in the Lab Easier

To most people, the idea of working in a research and development lab is a lot like lot like being Q from a James Bond movie. In reality, working in a lab typically consists of action-packed days and scintillating nights spent mixing materials, testing, taking notes, mixing materials again, testing again and—you know the drill. […]

Battery Manufacturing: DAC Mixers are Becoming the Industry Standard

With the ever-increasing demand for high performance lithium-ion batteries used in Electric Vehicles (EVs), solar power storage, consumer electronics and more, the testing, optimization and quality control of materials during the battery manufacturing process is more critical than ever. One of the most critical components that determines battery quality is the battery slurry, a complex […]