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Pipette with Cannabis Extract and Leaf of Cannabis.
Visit us at Michigan CannaTech Expo April 20-21, 2022 Cannabis? Yes, we can! Fast and cleaning-free processing of cannabis with Hauschild SpeedMixer® The applications of medicinal cannabis are extremely diverse, and research is ongoing. However, processing cannabis is extremely difficult and time-consuming: It is viscous, sticky, heat sensitive, and the tools and machinery used are difficult to clean afterwards. There are also strict regulations and quality control standards that have to be met. However, if one uses a Hauschild SpeedMixer®, hydrocarbon purging, enhancement of distillates, infusions, and homogenizing is reduced to a few minutes. It is simple, fast, reproducible and requires no cleaning of the mixer between formulations. Denver/Hamm, March 14th, 2022. – Chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, neurological conditions such as epilepsy and spasticity, nausea and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy and other treatments – the list of ailments for which medical cannabis can promote healing is long. Instead of dried cannabis flowers (medical marijuana) for smoking, doctors usually prescribe tablets, lozenges or inhalers containing cannabis extracts. These are considered more effective and tolerable. However, in order to administer the ingredients dronabinol, nabilone or nabiximols in tablet form, the cannabis must first be processed. Without the use of a Hauschild SpeedMixer®, many pieces of equipment such as vacuum ovens, overhead mixers and heated stir plates must be provided, used and cleaned again. The Hauschild SpeedMixer® can make all these devices obsolete. Shane Green is an expert with mixing applications which can be a difficult task particularly when processing cannabis. For over 15 years Shane worked for the former American distributor selling the Hauschild SpeedMixer® and since the beginning of the year directly for Hauschild SpeedMixer Inc. as ales manager for the regions California, Texas and Colorado. Shane has advised and assisted numerous companies in optimizing the mixing and processing process with the Hauschild SpeedMixer®, particularly in California where the medical use of Cannabis products have been allowed since 1996. The expert explains: “Our Hauschild SpeedMixer® can mix different liquids and pastes, pastes with powders, one powder with another, and different combinations of liquids and powders. Even materials with different chemical and physical properties can be mixed to create new products. Epoxy resins, varnishes, paints, silicones, oils, gels, emulsions, creams, epoxies, powders, urethanes … the list is endless. When processing cannabis, our mixer plays its advantages several times over.” It can be used for:
  • Formulating and blending terpenes and distillates (vape oils) at lower temperatures creating higher terpene retention
  • Infusion and coating of powders (salt, sugar, silica, flowers, HPMC, topical creams, transdermal prescriptions).
  • Purging and extraction (BHO/PHO) without additional heat or ovens.
  • Whipping (budders, crumbles and waxes)
  • Emulsification (micro and nano)
  • Grinding and milling
  • Extraction of water and alcohol
As a result, more and more cannabis processing companies are using DAC mixing technology with the Hauschild SpeedMixer®. DAC technology is the key to success. The special feature of this mixing principle is the simultaneous clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the mixing cup. The combination of centrifugal forces acting in different planes enables an extremely efficient mixing process characterized by a homogeneous result – without the use of agitators. Almost 100 percent degassing is already achieved during the mixing process, which removes even the smallest microbubbles. With DAC mixing, materials can be mixed quickly in a perfectly repeatable process, allowing the manufacturer to guarantee a level of quality that other mixing technologies cannot match. “With conventional mixers, a lot of material is usually required and processing can take an entire day,” says .Shane “With a SpeedMixer® from Hauschild, you use only the materials you need and can quickly produce batch after batch, with no waste and no cleanup.” Around 7000 innovations have already been patented worldwide using this special mixer. “We are excited to see how our devices will continue to help realize more recipes in the future that will help people manage their various illnesses,” says Shane. More:  Youtube: Nu1A/videos  Photo (Hauschild Engineering): Fast and cleaning-free processing of cannabis with Hauschild SpeedMixer® About Hauschild Engineering:  The family-owned company Hauschild Engineering employs around 40 people and has been developing and producing the Hauschild SpeedMixer® at its headquarters in Hamm/Germany since 1974, selling it directly or with partners all over the world. The original Hauschild SpeedMixer® offers perfect mixing results from a few grams or milliliters up to ten kilograms or sixteen liters. The machines are mostly used in laboratories that mix substances as part of their research and development work, as well as by companies that require small batch mixes for quality assurance. Within few minutes, different liquids can be mixed with pastes or powders, pastes with powders, powders with powders, and substances with different chemical and physical properties – all without the use of stirring tools. The Hauschild SpeedMixer  , including all components, are manufactured according to a highest quality standards – made in Germany. US distributor contact details of Hauschild Engineering: Hauschild SpeedMixer  Inc. 37735 Enterprise Ct, Suite 300 Farmington Hills, MI 48331 USA Mr. Davide Davi (CEO Americas) Phone: +1 (877) SPDMXER Fax: +1 (469)581-9981 Web: eMail: Press Contact Mareike Boccola Hauschild GmbH & Co KG (Hauschild Engineering) Waterkamp 1, 59075 Hamm, Germany Phone: +49 2381 482050 Fax: +49 2381 4820517 Web: eMail: