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The Real Truth Behind the Real SpeedMixer

Why knowing the manufacturer of your DAC mixer is more important than ever.

It’s been almost 50 years since Gerd-Ulrich Schmidt invented the Hauschild SpeedMixer®, ushering in a new era of dual asymmetric centrifugal (DAC) mixer technology. Since then, Hauschild Engineering has continuously invested in R&D and innovation, evolving the Hauschild SpeedMixer® into the most trusted name in DAC mixer quality, sales and service.

For years, US-based FlackTek, Inc. and its affiliates Synergy Devices Ltd., SpeedMixer Iberica and RohChem sold and distributed Hauschild SpeedMixer®machines around the world. The manufacturer-distributor relationship abruptly ended in May of 2020.

Soon after, Hauschild discovered that FlackTek had developed a copy of the Hauschild SpeedMixer®, also calling it SpeedMixer. These machines, a virtual “cut and paste” of Hauschild SpeedMixer®, were being sold well before the termination of the distributor agreement—a clear breach of terms.

Starting in approximately 2018, FlackTek began modifying Hauschild SpeedMixer® equipment using fake labels showing Hauschild Engineering as the manufacturer, yet were built with non-original parts and had lower performance specs compared to original Hauschild SpeedMixer machines.

To further complicate the issue, some 100% original Hauschild SpeedMixer® machines sold by FlackTek included a counterfeited year of manufacture on the label, making the machine seem one model year newer than it was.

Advanced engineering and technological breakthroughs that Hauschild Engineering spent years and years creating, refining and perfecting were, and still are, being sold and profited from by a company that spent zero time and dollars to create them.

Causing further confusion in the DAC mixer marketplace, FlackTek acquired the rights to use the name FlackTek SpeedMixer in the United States while still under contract as a Hauschild SpeedMixer® distributor.

Hauschild Engineering has filed suit against FlackTek in the U.S. over its use of the SpeedMixer name in an effort to prevent FlackTek from infringing upon Hauschild’s SpeedMixer trademark, unfairly competing against Hauschild and further confusing customers into unintentionally purchasing DAC mixers that are not real Hauschild SpeedMixer® machines.

Hauschild has also filed civil and criminal charges in Europa vs FlackTek and its affiliates, and is exploring the possibility of extending criminal charges in other countries.


“The primary reason customers need to be aware of FlackTek’s actions comes down to two things, safety and reliability” said Mareike Boccola, owner of Hauschild Engineering. “Buyers of FlackTek-labeled machines need to know whether they are using an original Hauschild SpeedMixer or a modified version that does not meet Hauschild’s strict standards for quality and safety.”

According to Boccola, the mis-labeling and misuse of Hauschild SpeedMixer machines and technology has created much confusion for customers of both DAC mixers.

“Customers thought there were getting a real Hauschild SpeedMixer® distributed by FlackTek, but they were actually getting a hybrid machine with parts that were neither manufactured by Hauschild nor authorized for use on a Hauschild SpeedMixer” says Boccola. “This is not only misleading to customers; it calls into question the quality and reliability of the FlackTek mixer that has the Hauschild name attached to it.”

Boccola encourages any customer who bought a DAC mixer from FlackTek or its affiliates between 2018 and 2020 to check the CE label on the side panel of the mixer. Original Hauschild SpeedMixer® CE labels are thin, made of plastic and the text is typically in German. Unauthorized labels are thicker, made of aluminum and the text is in English. Customers can find images of labels for comparison here and may also contact Hauschild Engineering to clarify any doubts about the quality and safety of their DAC mixer.

Boccola also suggests that DAC mixer customers check with Hauschild regarding the availability of certain Hauschild SpeedMixer® models before or after speaking with a FlackTek sales representative.


Hauschild SpeedMixer® machines should only be serviced by authorized service representatives using genuine Hauschild parts and technology, as this is the only way to ensure the mixers operate at the highest standards of quality and safety.

Unfortunately, FlackTek continues to purport itself as an authorized service representative of Hauschild SpeedMixer® machines. According to Boccola, this could not be further from the truth. As cited in the terms of the distributorship termination agreement, FlackTek is no longer authorized to use original Hauschild parts. Therefore, any FlackTek repairs or service on a Hauschild SpeedMixer® will not be completed using OEM parts, rendering the machine unreliable at best and possibly even unsafe to operate.

“Hauschild SpeedMixer® are highly customized, precision engineered devices that must be serviced by trained technicians using original Hauschild parts and equipment,” said Boccola. “These machines are built to operate at very high speeds, so the parts must be made to precise tolerances or else safety could become a real issue.”

Therein lies the point Boccola wants customers of both Hauschild and FlackTek machines to understand.

“Regardless of how the lawsuits against FlackTek play out in court, Hauschild Engineering will endure and continue to innovate new and better DAC mixing technologies,” says Boccola. “What I’m most concerned about are the people working in labs around the world who are right now turning on FlackTek-sold or FlackTek-repaired Hauschild machines that could be unsafe to operate. This is why we needed to get this message out.”


Hauschild Engineering is committed to ensuring that customers receive access to genuine Hauschild parts and service from authorized representatives around the world. To that end, Hauschild highly encourages users of any FlackTek machine sold between 2018 and 2020 to contact Hauschild Engineeringimmediately to verify their machine and clear up any confusion or safety issues.

For more information regarding this unfortunate matter, as well as instructions on how to check to see if your machine is a genuine Hauschild SpeedMixer®or a possible counterfeit machine, click here